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Tulip Water Filter

Tulip Water Filter
Tulip Water Filter Tulip Water Filter Tulip Water Filter Tulip Water Filter Tulip Water Filter Tulip Water Filter
Product Code: tulip
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Price: RM398.00 RM198.00
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You need to standby this Heavy Duty water filter for your house.
Introducing Silver Impregnated Water Filter
• Tested Effective by SIRIM & international laboratories
• Removes E-Coli bacteria
• Removes Chlorine
• Removes mud, rust & suspended solids
• Can be used to filter tap water, rain water or river
• Providing clean crystal clear water for drinking & cooking
• Easy to use; No electricity, only gravity
• Easy to maintain; washable, reusable
• Long Lasting, upto 7,000 liters (about 2 years)
• Flow rate: 4 liters/ hour
• Light weight: 450g. Versatile: can be used anywhere, anytime
• Netherlands Silver Impregnated technology
• Dutch invented. Manufacture in India
• Deployed by Red Cross in Africa, South America & Asia
• Suitable for condo, house & outdoor

Item Location: Malaysia
Usage: Long lasting, up to 7,000 liters (about 2 years)
Light Weight: 450g
Manufactured: India (Dutch invented)


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